Of Counsel, Siprut PC


Stewart Weltman is Of Counsel at Siprut PC. Mr. Weltman has been a lead and trial counsel in numerous complex litigation matters for both plaintiffs and defendants, ranging from antitrust, accounting malpractice, legal malpractice, securities fraud, patent issues, contract actions, and consumer fraud. In addition to his antitrust experience, Mr. Weltman also acted as lead attorney or lead counsel in several securities fraud matters. He was the lead attorney for his client Pacific Life Insurance Company in its individual action brought against various underwriter defendants arising out of the WorldCom frauds. Prior to joining Siprut PC, Mr. Weltman was a partner with a mid-sized firm in Chicago and an Antitrust and Securities litigation partner with a Washington D.C.-based litigation boutique.

He is currently co-lead counsel in numerous consumer fraud class actions involving a wide range of dietary supplement products including Ginkgo Biloba, Prevagen, biotin and glucosamine/chondroitin.

He is also heading up the firm’s tort action against Twin Hill Manufacturing and American Airlines along with Todd McLawhorn. The case concerns injuries caused by new uniforms rolled to American’s 70,000 person workforce in 2016.

Antitrust Experience

  • One of the lead trial counsel in In re Carbon Black Antitrust Litigation (D.C. Mass.), which settled for $20 million.
  • One of the lead counsel and one of the members of the trial preparation team In Re EPDM Antitrust Litigation (D.C. Conn.), in which three defendants settled claims for a total of $81 million.
  • One of the lead counsel In re PCP Antitrust Litigation (D.C. Conn.), which settled for $80 million.
  • One of the lead counsel in In Re Pressure Sensitive Labelstock Antitrust Litigation (M.D. Pa.).
  • A member of the trial team in In re Vitamins Antitrust Litigation (D.D.C.), which resulted in a verdict in favor of the plaintiffs and the class of $148.5 million after trebling.

Securities and Derivative Litigation

  • Served as Derivative Plaintiffs’ Lead Counsel in a securities fraud and derivative/breach of fiduciary duty case in which a $33 million settlement was reached with the former directors and officers of the Public Service Company of New Mexico.
  • Co-lead counsel in the Sunderman Securities Fraud Litigation, a class action that resulted in a combined settlement of $31 million.
  • Co-lead counsel in Benfield v. Steindler and General Electric Co. (S.D. Ohio), a derivative action in which a settlement of $21 million was reached.

Civil Rights Litigation

  • Lead trial counsel in an equal educational opportunity lawsuit against the second largest school district in Illinois that resulted in a finding of intentional discrimination and thereafter a settlement that obtained significant changes in the school district’s practices.

Construction Defect Litigation

  • Co-lead counsel for a class of 1500 homeowners in South Florida and obtained a $15 million settlement arising out of defective construction claims.
  • Mr. Weltman has argued before the Illinois Appellate Court, the Seventh, Ninth, Fifth and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, and has appeared before the United States Supreme Court as both counsel of record and as amicus counsel.