Of Counsel, Siprut PC

AV Preeminent Rating
J.D., Stanford Law School
M.D., University of California


Mitchel Olson is Of Counsel at Siprut PC. He has a law degree from Stanford Law School and a medical degree from the University of California, and is licensed to practice both law and medicine.

Dr. Olson has successfully litigated hundreds of cases involving defective medical devices, faulty drugs, and negligent medical practice. He has obtained millions of dollars in recoveries for clients who had “metal on metal” hip implants that caused metal poisoning and joint breakdown, anesthetic pumps that destroyed shoulder joints in young athletes, breast implants that leaked silicon and caused scar tissue and systemic immune reactions, and surgical stapling devices that misfired, resulting in catastrophic complications. He has represented other clients who took gastric reflux drugs that caused heart arrhythmias and sudden death, a pain medication that resulted in an epidemic of prescription drug addicts, and recalled diet drugs that caused heart attacks.

Dr. Olson has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients catastrophically injured by medical negligence, including a six year old girl who lost her legs and arms after an emergency room physician told the child’s mother that she was “overly concerned” and sent the child home without treatment, and a man who became a paraplegic after a resident anesthesiologist at a university hospital failed to monitor fluids being administered, resulting in a 50 lb. weight gain during surgery and heart failure. He obtained a 31 million dollar verdict for a baby badly brain damaged as a result of an obstetrician’s unwillingness to see the bleeding mother when called during the night, even though California limits pain and suffering damages in medical malpractice cases to $250,000. Dr. Olson has also successfully prosecuted claims against insurance companies for their bad faith refusal to pay for medical services and attorneys who committed legal malpractice.

While the majority of Dr. Olson’s practice has been devoted to representing people injured in the health care system, he has also handled class action lawsuits on behalf of victims of predatory mortgage lending, California retail electrical consumers who overpaid for electricity because of market manipulation, gender discrimination by a national brokerage firm, and purchasers of cell phones overcharged for sales taxes. Dr. Olson has consulted in litigation involving the oil industry’s use of “fracking,” which can contaminate ground water with radioactive isotopes and other chemicals.

Dr. Olson holds a AV Preeminent Rating, the highest possible rating, in the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings Program, and has been recognized as a Top Lawyer in San Diego, California, where his office is located.